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Affichage des articles du janvier 4, 2007

Salariés en temps réel !

Selon le Wall street journal Wall-Mart adaptera bientôt un logiciel qui permettra d'adapter les emplois du temps de son million de salariés en temps réel au lieu de leur donner des horaires définis ...
" ...But while the new systems are expected to benefit both retailers and customers, some experts say they can saddle workers with unpredictable schedules. In some cases, they may be asked to be "on call" to meet customer surges, or sent home because of a lull, resulting in less pay. The new systems also alert managers when a worker is approaching full-time status or overtime, which would require higher wages and benefits, so they can scale back that person's schedule.
That means workers may not know when or if they will need a babysitter or whether they will work enough hours to pay that month's bills. Rather than work three eight-hour days, someone might now be plugged into six four-hour days, mornings one week and evenings the next.
Some analysts say the new s…